the good and the bad


this is a follow up from the horrible things about myself list- something sort of like that

the good:
– I never forget to respond to texts
– I don’t have sensitive skin and break out rarely
– generally pretty good at candy crush and jewel mania and games that take no skill whatsoever
– can always manage to find amazing deals in the clearance section of any store
– don’t have much of a sweet tooth so at least I can stuff my face with foods other than doughnuts and Oreos and brownies and such- probably saved me a good 20 lbs
– know how to do things properly with my hair- by this I mean I can cut it myself and curl it 70 different ways and dye it w/o any major issues
– I love reading so much
– I can type like 100 words per min
– math is generally pretty easy for me as long as shapes aren’t involved (slydig at geometry)
– I could be a professional Internet creeper
– don’t need more than 5 hours of sleep a night

the bad:
– horrible at painting my nails
– can’t swim more than 50 yards of freestyle w/o feeling like passing out
– can’t twerk
– cannot pull my car in between the two lines of any normal parking space
– there is no foundation that matches my skin tone I might as well be a Martian
– music annoys me
– animals and little kids hate me
– always fall asleep during movies no matter how good they are
– beyond bad at directions
– I don’t shave my legs often enough- this has made its way to two blog posts in the same month so it’s a big problem
– so bad at test taking

well this was fun, more jumbled and random posts to come in the near future because through this cliche annoying process of trying to find who I am I need to be able to see myself entirely first, which includes small details such as the above, also I’m putting off summer homework

xoxo Phoebe


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