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Teenage girls


madi smith problems

Hi guys, so I was perusing the web this morning and I stumbled across this essay type blog post on Tumblr. (I fricken love tumblr by the way, if you wanna follow me my name is lilsasslilclass) Anyway, this essay made me smile, nod in agreement and made me open my eyes to how much we as teenage girls go through. I know that when I was going through all of my stuff I felt completely and utterly alone, and now I guess I can see that none of us are ever alone. Everyone has their own story, everyone is going through or has gone through something completely earth shatteringly devastating. Yet we hide, we act like no one cares and no one will understand. Teenage girls, we aren’t alone. Listen to each other, and love each other because everyone’s life sucks for one reason or another at one point…

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