Zero to Hero: Who Am I, and Why Am I Here? (Day 1)


Hello friends! I came across something called the Daily Post today, in which much of the WordPress world uses to share and express one’s ideas. Being self-absorbed in my own emotions and own writing so much of the time, I never thought to read much of what others had to say virtually unless I lacked inspiration. However, the Daily Post is doing a zero to hero blogging challenge, and part of the reasoning behind it is to help spread communication between bloggers, possibly sparking friendships and trading ideas. The happenings of the previous year have left me obliged to become a greater person, and I don’t know any better way of doing this than immersing myself with people of different ethnicities and morals. I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to get to know myself and others better, and to enjoy writing more. Also, I’m looking to narrow down career possibilities for the future and to pursue a variety of hobbies, and am hoping to prevent hurting myself physically and emotionally ever again. While we each write our own stories and encounter our own experiences, I’d love to share my personal process. If you want to read more about this challenge, here is the link to it.

So who am I? and why am I here?

My name is Phoebe, and I am just an awkwardly weird girl living in a freezing city. Being a junior in high school, college preparations have been building on as fast as time is ticking and while I know who I am in the sense of being able to establish what I love, my goals and aspirations for the future have yet to become a part of my personal manifesto.  For now, I know I like to read romance novels, listen to indie pop, take pictures, think about graduation, and am girly, friendly, confrontational, controlling, and occasionally self deprecating. I enjoy time spent with my family (mom, dad, and Annie, my 10-year old sister) and friends, spend way too much money on clothes and unhealthy foods, and love playing the piano and being a part of the swim team. I’m obsessed with beautiful people and love to converse with others. I get sad way too easily and am angry nearly as much, and with the help of people I love, am learning to become a better person by writing and talking with them, a professional, and especially myself.

I’m writing in this blog as part of a promise to myself, and while I may not be able to keep up with the daily entries being that school has always been my number 1 priority, I will try my best and hopefully learn about time management and explanations behind my personal turmoils in the process. I want to meet other bloggers and learn more about myself, and I want to get some experience as preparation for my journalism and psychology classes senior year. I’m hoping that this, and those courses, will help me decide or at least give some expertise on college and career choices. I want to feel better physically and emotionally, and become a happier person and erase the more despairing moments of 2013 from my memory. I want to love life as I did before, and I want to make my last few childhood years filled with opportune circumstances and happy moments. And, I want to share those times with you all and I want you guys to share yours with me. Maybe we’ll learn from each other and make our lives a bit brighter in the process.

xoxo Phoebe


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  1. Coming from someone whose had some pretty crappy experiences in life, I’ve learned this one simple truth: Life is too short to be worrying about what happened yesterday, and tomorrow is unknown but today is a present that should be cherished more than any gift you can receive. Smile sweetheart… and enjoy today. If you fret over the things of the past today will pass by you and you won’t be able to enjoy it. 🙂

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